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Deutschland halt’s Maul, gib Handy du Opfer

“Germany” is the psychological barrier between labor and the profiteers, materialized into geographical borders briefly after World War II, but always dependent on “alien” labor.

Exploitation of seasonal workers, tactical immigration/deportation of migrants and colonialism were tools of primitive accumulation already used by the German emperors. Just as the globe is inhabited by “illegal Europeans,” the majority of those who produced and still produce for Germany are not Germans in the legal sense. Their products are German, their bodies are not. The consumers are conspicuous, the producers invisible.

As historian Ulrich Herbert writes, 95% of the victims of the German war economy were not German citizens. Just of the people working in “Greater Germany” during the war, 30%  were forced laborers, mostly from Eastern Europe. This excludes the people exploited in the occupied countries. Only German “Zwangsarbeiter,” however, were entitled to reparations. Foreign individuals could not sue Germany under international law. (Herbert)

Today, Aryan rulers self-pleasingly acknowledge that “their” Germany is an “immigration country,” with implicit option to reverse this mistake during a future totalitarian regime. Disregarding that German lifestyles were always as “diverse” as its tax brackets, this industrial nation never produced but always consumed in autarky.

Revolutionary socialists saw early that social chauvinism, i.e. “national economism” with concessions to preferred workers, identified on a popular basis, was a forerunner to racist fascism. The petty bourgeoisie may have brought Hitler to power, but the proletarians kept him there. No wonder – in many key industries, *Germans* “labored” only as foremen.

Exclusionary unions for “majority” citizens, an unregulated, “black” market for “colored” laborers exploited through police terror, justified by racist propaganda, are still features of the current “democratic republican” system, where 10% of the population aren’t even allowed to vote. To people on the wrong side of the “nation,” Germany is still a fascist state, with nigthly raids, torture and deportation of uncooperative workers.

Right-wing social democrats have long dropped their prejuice against open racism. Racists who find the “populist hooliganism” and “euro-scepticism” of the various nationalist and “libertarian” fringe parties too blunt, have high-ranking, articulate advocates in the Social Democratic Party.

But even in East German strongholds of the left-wing Socialist party DIE LINKE, immigrants are only welcome as victims or scapegoats, never as equals. If there is a problem, it is the German government, the Capitalists or some other distant conspiracy. There are no fascist regimes, just fascist societies. Germany has 80 million problems, but the government ain’t one.

*Germany* has developed and tested virtually all forms of government I learned about in school: feudalism, kingdom, colonial land empire, colonial sea empire, capitalist “citizen’s” republic, fascism, socialist “people’s” republic, and uninterrupted theocracy in Bavaria.

Under every form of government, the winners were “miraculously” declared German people, the “losers” declared “foreigners.” Approaching the mythical German norm is the prerequisite for acceptance. You may join the “German” community, unless you aren’t too “swarthy” and/or pass your Abitur exam – and thereby the middle class threshold. In either case, your advancement from barbarism is  proclaimed a *German* achievement, although you succeed not because of German society but in spite of it.

You must adopt some “civilized” habits, contribute to “their” high culture, evade or succeed in their capitalist rat race and know someone who commands the language sufficiently to defend you against their bureaucracy.

Hence, you must cease to be a laborer in this country of laborers and peasants. You must have more to sell than your mere two hands. You may even stress your cultural otherness by wearing fashion not available at German prole outfitters, flaunting esoteric aspects of “your” culture and reiterating that “all this institutional racism” will eventually force you on a pilgrimmage to India.

Do not reveal your understandable demands to take a civil servant position, get a job commanding or deporting German people or not work at all, because they owe you. Also never admit that you have nowhere else to go. All these natural privileges of the average German are off limits to you.

A lesser known statement by Martin Luther King was: “We came to cash our check!” I’d say: “We came to take your shit. Happy Thanksgiving!” Power is based on ownership of land. Sometimes land trades hands in business deals, but the prices are usually fixed in advance; liquidated by force, petrified by treaty.

Abolishment of Germany is abolishment of its property basis. Under German supremacy, there is no German Dream. Instead of “de-colonizing” German street names, we should colonize the land beneath the asphalt, prohibit their language, take over their factories, deport *rebels* and *terrorists* to Bantustans. We should abolish the illusion that our freedom is their freedom. It would be nice if we could live in harmony, but while Germany lasts, there is only hegemony.

Hate your fatherland! No border, no nation, barbarian invasion!

How Nordics infected Europe with racist nationalism

“Is not racism a problem among all ethnic groups? Come on, Jews and Arabs, Arabs and blacks, Serbs and Bosnians, Europe and the Roma…”

How can I claim that racism comes from a particularly German genetic disorder? And isn’t claiming that an entire people suffers from the same genetic disorder racism?

Aren’t all white people racist? Well, the fact behind the matter is: all white people are Germans The Anglo-Saxon infiltration of the United States began long before Columbus.

The original inhabitants of Europe were either Mediterranean, Celtic or Slavic; none of these groups look particularly “Caucasian.”

Germanic tribes – originating in Southern Scandinavia – gradually colonized and exterminated these populations after destroying the Roman Empire and setting up a number of puppet kingdoms. Hence, there is hardly an acre in “White Europe” which was not under Germanic colonial rule for at least a century or two.

Germanic kingdoms after the fall of West Rome

All of these new borders after the “Scramble for Western Europe” betray the German fetish for territorial demarcation. Even today, every proper German single-family home must be surrounded by an impenetrable hedge.

But isn’t Great Britain the motherland of racism on a global scale? Well, first of all, “Britain” hasn’t been British for at least a millenium. The Britons were a Celtic tribe. Roman, Anglo-Saxon and later Norman invaders exiled the last Celtic peoples to Wales, Scotland and Ireland, where they still live under English (or Germano-British) overlordship.

In fact, the House of Windsor, Queen Lizzie’s tribe, were known as the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha until 1917, when King George V renamed his own family because he was currently fighting World War I. against his cousin Wilhelm II. of Prussia and didn’t want to appear like the conspirative German incest monster he really was.

Great Britain’s majority Celtic-Briton population was oppressed and exploited but untouched by the Whiteness Plague after almost five centuries of brown, Roman rule. This changed drastically after the Mediterranean protectors could no longer guard the small island against the Nordic savages.

During the second half of the first millenium, a sequence of Germanic tribes invaded Great Britain: Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians, Scandinavians and Franks.

Then in 1066, William, the Conqueror invaded Anglo-Saxon Land. He was a Norman, a descendant of North Germanic and Viking tribes, who had colonized parts of France and adopted the more advanced Romance language.

So the German Saxons who oppressed the Celts in Britain were defeated – by more Germans. By the High Middle Ages, Britain was about as “British” as modern Brandenburg.

The “droit du seigneur,” the right of the landlord to rape any young woman in his fief before marriage, despite the French name, was devised by “white” Norman aristocrats to exterminate the Celtic peasantry of Britain.

But why did the Germans have to spread their genes in such a barbaric way, you might ask? Weren’t they content with collecting taxes and starving their serfs?

This brings us to a very particular aspect of German (or Nordic) imperialism – extermination by breeding.

As established earlier, “Germanity” is not a culture, but a genetic disorder. Unlike other imperialists (Romans, Greeks, Turks) Germans do not conquer territories to spread their culture, religion or other nonsense, but to spread their defective genes and settle the territories.

This is seen clearly in cases like Normandy or the United States, where Germanic invaders have even adopted the existing language to spread their genes clandestinely. The Nordic plague festers secretly across the globe, in many cases undiagnosed, because it is obscured by a superimposed, ostensibly “non-Germanic” national identity.

Blond hair – the most prized “possession” of a real German – is one indicator of this sickness, but not the only one. In White theory, all of a “pure” German’s phenotypical features are inherited “recessively”, i.e., Nordic Germans live in constant fear of biological extinction by “interbreeding.” Whiteness  is like diarrhoea – it runs in your jeans.

The original German Angst is groundless and non-existential, like most German fears (not having a Haftpflichtversicherung, for example). In fact, humans pass on their traits in equal parts. We are all “mixed” children, but the Germanic racial hierarchy puts us in boxes (or mass graves).

The fear of the “Nordic race” – to become genetically extinct by the “One Drop” – paradoxically has driven them to exterminate various real cultures (and their adherents) in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and now they’re killing polar bears, wales and penguins near the pole caps, because they too might spoil their gene pool.

People of Nordic ancestry have practiced this wherever they went. Modern Russia, for example, most people would consider White. Well, only about 500 years ago, most people in the current territory of Russia were not white, but Central Asian. Through White blood and soil tactics, Tsars and Communists turned Russia from an Asian country into one that is 80% “White.”

In the 16th century, around the same time White Spaniards conquered South America, the Duchy of Moscow began conquering all of modern Russia and transformed into the Tsardom of Russia in 1547. The Duchy of Moscow was formed by descendants of the Kievan Rus’, a Slavic confederation ruled by the House of Rurik, a Viking (i.e. Northern Germanic) tribe. Since the ascent of the Tsar, this empire was colonized by Nordic whites, until it reached such a level of ethnic uniformity that people now consider it a “nation state.” This was only possible by brutal extermination, conquest and political supremacy of Whites.

The same happened in contemporary Poland. The “Teutonic Knights” (not a KKK chapter) colonized the entire Baltic Sea coastal regions during the High Middle Ages, until their defeat in the 15th century.

After some centuries of independence as a peaceful, fairly democratic and prosperous Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Slavic Europe was repeatedly pillaged by the Russian and German Empires in three “partitions.” The “Russian” Empress responsible for the final partition of Poland in 1795, Catherine, was actually born as a German princess.

The Hitler Stalin pact and the annexation of Poland into the Marxist Empire continued the Russo-German colonization of Poland until the close of the 20th century. (Ironically, Germany was never colonized by non-Germans since Roman times.)

The Nordic, Russo-German conspirators staged countless pogroms against Poland’s Jewish community throughout the 19th century, culminating in the genocides against Jews, Poles, Ukrainians and many other “non-whites” under Hitler and Stalin.

The white, nationalist rampage did not spare Turkey. The Ottoman Empire was a multi-ethnic state. People were free look and act as they wanted, as long as they paid their taxes and hailed the Sultan.

This changed drastically when a blond, blue-eyed dictator, Kemal Atatürk, seized power in the 1920s and crafted the myth of the Turkish nation. He used the ancient German tactic of posing as adherent of a different “culture.” Now all members of the “Turkish” nation had to look, behave and think a certain way – or die.

Of course, not all Turkish people are White (which the ones living in Germany are reminded of every day), but the primary illness of the Nordic race – ethnic nationalism – is the basis of the modern Turkish state and many others. Now everyone wants “their own” police.

The German invention of ethnic nationalism was and is the dominant global political system, under capitalism or communism or fascism. People of all creeds and colors believe in the myth of territorial ethnicity. Peoples who have their own culture but not their own “fortified breeding range,” like Rroma, Kurds, Palestinians, people of color in Nordic nations (including those were Nordic people are a minority), must fight for physical survival.

Not their “way of life” is at stake, but often their last personal property and hence their lives. Nevertheless, the national majority cunningly offers “integration” as a solution, which is really just ghettoization or the reservation.