Joys of Socialism

Article about debt collectors in East Germany after reunification
Article about the housewife-ization of female professionals after the end of socialism
Interview with three women who experienced “demancipation”
Reactionary Western propaganda against the emancipation of women under Socialism (1968)

Die Emanzipierten: Reflections on the “Emancipation” of East Germany; Western Feminists – shaved heads, sitting in seminar, shitstorming women who have children; Eastern feminists: “Our particular misfortune is that we were reunited with West German women. The French or Swedes, at least, were used to having jobs.”

Article about the transition of East German tax system to capitalist system. Facts: 1. 3/4 of the state budget was financed by corporate taxes. Taxes on personal income for workers hardly existed, but self-employed people paid very high rates. 2. GDR laws were only 2 or 3 pages long. West German tax codes are big and need lots of “expertise” – therefore they are one of the major tools of social injustice. – If corporate taxes under capitalism are more “favorable” to business, why did the GDR economy collapse?

Very interesting bio about Paul Lafargue (German)

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