Report from Hannover Conference & Protest Camp

On Saturday, 22 August 2015, a group from Berlin visited the protest camp at Weißekreuzplatz. Situation difficult. Our host tells us some people who started the camp 18 months ago joined the Green Party and now want to close the camp. There is much pressure.

The camp has about 5 tents and is in good condition, although there was a fire some months ago and two tents burned down.

The people there want support with media work, because they need to spread their own news. Experienced activists from everywhere should feel welcome to support. There is place to sleep in the tents and good infrastructure at a nearby autonomous center.

I visited the camp during the Germany-wide refugee conference at UJZ Korn. It was well attended. Over 150 people came. There were many families and all guests had private accommodation for the weekend.

There were very few supporters, so this conference was much closer to “self-organization”. There were some bored guys hanging around, but they did not dominate the event. Child care for real children was available.

Some Hannover people probably had been to Berlin and learned from our mistakes. Most participants came from Sudan, a few were from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.

(The fastest source of news for the Hannover camp is the Facebook page.)


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