NSVD – Kiss my Terrorist Ass

Berlin celebrates its diversity – sponsored by deportation Luftwaffe Air Berlin and KISS FM, whose playlist makes 2 Live Crew sound like Angela Davis.

And then there’s the fetish of certain Germanophile organizations, like LSVD and Maneo, who spread Islamophobia under the guise of public kiss-ins and transgressive “we know you want it too” politics towards Muslims (who are, in official statistics,* not counted as a religion, but a race; so I don’t believe I’m a Muslim, but Germans do, so it’s irrelevant what I believe). No, I don’t want it missionary style. Not with Gaydolf.

Berlin’s official “LGBT” festival this features the following poster:


The only weapon against bad taste is horrible taste. Lacking a bearded mob, CNN reporters and a rainbow flag to burn, I chose the following response:


“Dear Legion of Gay Fatherland Servants, we are actually very open to new experiences. For example, you could kiss our ass at all sorts of official events to prove your loyalty to the Constitution.”

* The German statistics do not count Muslims by actual affiliation but by national heritage. Even Germans from Kazakhstan are counted as “Muslims”, because they immigrated from a “Muslim” country. Source


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