My anti-German teachers

Mom’s on the couch, no showers
Watching replays of two towers
Teacher orders a minute of silence
“Why didn’t they bomb the Statue
No need to kill those people”
“Ma’am, I don’t think it’s violence
And I don’t give a shit if they kill ‘em all.
Why did Gorbachev open the walls
Before Reagan closed his malls?
Half my class is in in this country
Because World Trade invaded theirs.
Even the Jewish kids.
You treat us all like shit.”
“You said ‘Jew.’ You’re suspended.”
That’s how my discussion ended
With this brave German lady
Teaching the immigrant youth
The white German truth
Shutting out the other
Like you did the Jews
Warning calls to my mother
Telling her the news

At least I got invited by the principal
“Your views don’t match our democratic principles
So you can’t run for student president
We don’t need a precedent.”
Well, next year, they elected my sister
Reborn Islamist, ruining Christmases
I don’t thank God, but I thank her
For throwing a rag at you wankers
Running schools breeding fools
By Bismarck’s rules
For Washintgton’s markets
Cross-hairs on our heritage
If their sales don’t meet targets
I was trained as a terrorist
Dodging their attacks
Knowing they’ll get it back

School kicked me out
For opening my mouth
So I closed my fist
Politics is for them
Behind closed doors
I won’t knock to block
Your unanimous votes
I’ll burn your whole block
If you can’t smell your own shit
You won’t smell the smoke


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