Ballad about charity

(Translation of “Ballade von der Wohltätigkeit“)

Look! There’s the holiday retreat
Of a stock market company group
For breakfast they give gruel to eat
And for dinner they give barley soup
And workers can even go to the park
Good. That’s the penny
Where is the mark?

They give you alms, among others
Under holy Christian chant
Care for the aching young mothers
Because they need the working man
Even coffins for the poor who depart
Good. That’s the penny. And where is the mark?

The mark flowed thousand and thousand times
Into the pockets of strangers
The dividend caused quite a chime
When the directors’ board arranged it
For them the fruit, for you the bark!
For you the penny, for them the mark!

Don’t believe their scam!
They owe more than they give.
They owe you everything: The land,
The mine and the market stand
Through you they prosper, through you they live

Take what you can, but forget their song
Think of your class! Make them strong!
For you the penny, for you the mark!


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