Why should it be?

Why speak the language of the British queen?
Nordic vampire, imperialist fiend
Why talk like cowboys or company agents
African presidents and redneck racists?
Spoken by cotton and opium merchants
Raisin bombers and teenage murderers

That’s just the way it is
Things will never be the same
And why should they be?
Ohhh why?

Because things used to be better – for who?
Why rewrite history – for you?
Then you’re just a common reactionary
Aiming to reclaim privilege hereditary
Revolutionaries claim the future
Epic memories belong to the losers
So they talk about values and heritage
“Who needs a job, when you got marriage?”

Who needs advice when you got mouths to feed
No heat but other people’s house to keep
Preachers won’t free you, these parasites
Pointing you the way to paradise
Now the joy of your life is in Zion!
Fighting for your territory like a lion
Well the lion is a pimp and nearly extinct
So why the hell you want to follow him?

Who can blame the youth if they choose fancy shoes?
Fugitives on the run, no need to grow roots


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