Deutschland halt’s Maul, gib Handy du Opfer

“Germany” is the psychological barrier between labor and the profiteers, materialized into geographical borders briefly after World War II, but always dependent on “alien” labor.

Exploitation of seasonal workers, tactical immigration/deportation of migrants and colonialism were tools of primitive accumulation already used by the German emperors. Just as the globe is inhabited by “illegal Europeans,” the majority of those who produced and still produce for Germany are not Germans in the legal sense. Their products are German, their bodies are not. The consumers are conspicuous, the producers invisible.

As historian Ulrich Herbert writes, 95% of the victims of the German war economy were not German citizens. Just of the people working in “Greater Germany” during the war, 30%  were forced laborers, mostly from Eastern Europe. This excludes the people exploited in the occupied countries. Only German “Zwangsarbeiter,” however, were entitled to reparations. Foreign individuals could not sue Germany under international law. (Herbert)

Today, Aryan rulers self-pleasingly acknowledge that “their” Germany is an “immigration country,” with implicit option to reverse this mistake during a future totalitarian regime. Disregarding that German lifestyles were always as “diverse” as its tax brackets, this industrial nation never produced but always consumed in autarky.

Revolutionary socialists saw early that social chauvinism, i.e. “national economism” with concessions to preferred workers, identified on a popular basis, was a forerunner to racist fascism. The petty bourgeoisie may have brought Hitler to power, but the proletarians kept him there. No wonder – in many key industries, *Germans* “labored” only as foremen.

Exclusionary unions for “majority” citizens, an unregulated, “black” market for “colored” laborers exploited through police terror, justified by racist propaganda, are still features of the current “democratic republican” system, where 10% of the population aren’t even allowed to vote. To people on the wrong side of the “nation,” Germany is still a fascist state, with nigthly raids, torture and deportation of uncooperative workers.

Right-wing social democrats have long dropped their prejuice against open racism. Racists who find the “populist hooliganism” and “euro-scepticism” of the various nationalist and “libertarian” fringe parties too blunt, have high-ranking, articulate advocates in the Social Democratic Party.

But even in East German strongholds of the left-wing Socialist party DIE LINKE, immigrants are only welcome as victims or scapegoats, never as equals. If there is a problem, it is the German government, the Capitalists or some other distant conspiracy. There are no fascist regimes, just fascist societies. Germany has 80 million problems, but the government ain’t one.

*Germany* has developed and tested virtually all forms of government I learned about in school: feudalism, kingdom, colonial land empire, colonial sea empire, capitalist “citizen’s” republic, fascism, socialist “people’s” republic, and uninterrupted theocracy in Bavaria.

Under every form of government, the winners were “miraculously” declared German people, the “losers” declared “foreigners.” Approaching the mythical German norm is the prerequisite for acceptance. You may join the “German” community, unless you aren’t too “swarthy” and/or pass your Abitur exam – and thereby the middle class threshold. In either case, your advancement from barbarism is  proclaimed a *German* achievement, although you succeed not because of German society but in spite of it.

You must adopt some “civilized” habits, contribute to “their” high culture, evade or succeed in their capitalist rat race and know someone who commands the language sufficiently to defend you against their bureaucracy.

Hence, you must cease to be a laborer in this country of laborers and peasants. You must have more to sell than your mere two hands. You may even stress your cultural otherness by wearing fashion not available at German prole outfitters, flaunting esoteric aspects of “your” culture and reiterating that “all this institutional racism” will eventually force you on a pilgrimmage to India.

Do not reveal your understandable demands to take a civil servant position, get a job commanding or deporting German people or not work at all, because they owe you. Also never admit that you have nowhere else to go. All these natural privileges of the average German are off limits to you.

A lesser known statement by Martin Luther King was: “We came to cash our check!” I’d say: “We came to take your shit. Happy Thanksgiving!” Power is based on ownership of land. Sometimes land trades hands in business deals, but the prices are usually fixed in advance; liquidated by force, petrified by treaty.

Abolishment of Germany is abolishment of its property basis. Under German supremacy, there is no German Dream. Instead of “de-colonizing” German street names, we should colonize the land beneath the asphalt, prohibit their language, take over their factories, deport *rebels* and *terrorists* to Bantustans. We should abolish the illusion that our freedom is their freedom. It would be nice if we could live in harmony, but while Germany lasts, there is only hegemony.

Hate your fatherland! No border, no nation, barbarian invasion!


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