Foreword to “German World Conspiracy”

First the obligatory positioning: I am a racist by prejudice and an oppressor by nationality, caste and gender. I wish it weren’t so, but wishful thinking doesn’t change my position in the current social order.

If you’re not a “Dschör-man,” I probably don’t have to say this, but don’t take this section serious. With all the racist propaganda spewed by “serious” media, I wanted to see how it feels to spread conspirationalist lies instead of being the target. I would be amused to see them reappear as truths elsewhere. The “devastation” resulting from my shenanigans would also show how insignificant “reverse racism” really is. It takes more than a little jive talk to subdue two hemispheres for several centuries.

Since racist propaganda against other “folks” is usually spread by the Staatsvolk, which in my country of birth are Germans, I thought it might be amusing to devise racial inferority theories about them and trace back the racism behind
white supremacy to one subset of *whites*, namely the Nordic Germans. Needless to say, this is also why I’m writing in English. In the end, I wish to fulfill the antideutsch dream of completing the construction megaproject hastily abandoned after World War II. Wir sind kein Volk!



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