Hitler’s grandpa goes America

The “Spanish” conquest of the Americas might have been the greatest genocide since the Mongol wars. The population of Latin America and the Caribbean fell from an estimated 39 million in 1500 to 10 million in 1600.

In school, you learn that conquistadors like Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro destroyed the continent’s largest civilizations, Aztecs and Inka. Coincidentally, both have Germanic first names; “Hernan” is of Teutonic and “Francis” of Frankish origin. Their mothers knew the best way to make your baby boy a successful barbarian invader: Give him a German name.

The cases of Hernán and Francisco prove that the German sickness is so strong that, even without German genes, mere contact with anything German turns people into soulless zombies. It is like crack. Rehabilitation is futile.

The story gets better: Who do you suspect commanded the proto-fascist conquistadors, who incited the tribes of the “New World” to fratricide, just like the Waffen-SS later played peoples of the Soviet Union against each other? Charles V., Emperor of the fraudulent Holy Roman Empire, heir of the Austrian House of Habsburg. Although his mother was Spanish and his first language was French, because German was considered too coarse for court, this inbred abomination had not just a deformed jaw (named “Habsburg chin” after multiple recurrences) but also a deep hatred for all civilization.

Karl V. claimed to rule an “empire on which the sun never sets.” He should have added: “unless thou art non-white, non-aristocrat, non-Catholic or non-male. Then thy life is perpetual darkness.”

His “achievements” include the eradication of all developed nations in America in the name of God, protracted wars against France and the Ottoman Empire, aimless accumulation of gold bullion (Hallo, Frau Merkel!) and bloody repression against the Reformation and rebellious peasants in Germany and Europe.

But Karl V., the Adolf Hitler of European Imperialism, strove higher: He also instituted the so-called “transatlantic slave trade,” the longest deportation in history. Some say he acted on advice by Bartolomé de las Casas, the well-meaning friar who demanded that Africans be enslaved instead of Native Americans. It is more likely that Karl’s inborn Nordic berserkerism steered his politics. In 1518, just 2 years into his reign, the 18-year-old emperor legalized the deportation of 4000 people from Africa to “New Spain,” long before Las Casas publicized his holy bullshit.

Of course, Karl had to give his blood brothers a piece of the pie. He granted part of modern-day Venezuela to a German banking family, the Welsers, because he owed them money. They were also among the earliest bulk buyers of enslaved people from Africa. The German Reich had sunk its fangs into the throats of the “colored” world.

While 100,000 landless peasants were being slaughtered by the German feudal elite for demanding recognition as human beings, insidious German bankers and emperors laid the foundation for our current global system of exploitation.

This foreshadows Bismarck’s reaction to the growing worker’s movement some 350 years later: Bribe them with “social security” and exploit Africans instead. German proletarians demanded a bigger piece of the pie and a seat at the coffee table. So their nanny governors sent soldiers to Africa and America, forced others to produce sugar, cocoa and coffee for peanuts, shot some elephants to give the table ivory feet, and told their Germanic slaves “Grimm” fables about “German” productivity.


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