Germans dominate New World

50 Million Americans have German ancestors – this makes them the largest ancestry group in the USA, ahead of Irish, English, Africans, Mexicans.

But have you ever seen German Entertainment Television? Oma Winfrey? New York Laternenfest? White Lower-Saxon Protestants? German History Month? Kids called Wolfgang or Dagmar? The German Grammy Award?

No? Well, it’s because Germans are the sneakiest members of the white race. They consolidate their power by hijacking “leading culture” (Leitkultur). Where they cannot enforce their narrow concept of “culture,” they superficially “assimilate,” blend in with the other whites to secretly control mainstream standards. If this fails – because the majority of the population isn’t white and it isn’t possible to slaughter them – they hide in the jungle to celebrate their barbaric rites in secret, like in Brazil.

US ancestry map

Look at the above map of the United States. The blue area covering the entire northern and central regions of the United States is settled predominantly by Germans. Which people were driven from this land, which was purchased and annexed by the New England colonies throughout the 19th Century from under their feet? Native Americans. Who “replaced” the natives? Germans. They are the white blood cells that turned the United States into the oozing cyst it is today.

The Germans who became the majority of the US population in the 19th century emigrated mostly after the failed nationalist revolution of 1848. They were not content with being the dominant people in the multi-national states of the German Confederation and Austria-Hungary. Germans already dominated the Old World, but it was never genug. They had to control the New World as well.

German expansionism is singular. While most nations expand to rob resources, enslave people and/or convert them to their way of being stupid, Germans expand just to spread their genes and occupy  land. This is what the Nazis called “Lebensraumpolitik.” The act is the purpose. No need for a social vision. Americans have adopted this German invaderism in the pursuit of their land empire.

German Confederation

How did the worst particles of the infectious German Biomasse end up in North America? The 1848 revolution was beat down by anti-nationalists. So the majority of immigrants into the US were German nationalists, the guys who later started two world wars and slaughtered half of Europe.

In the Mid-Western USA, Germans set up their racially pure empire before Hitler was even born – and no one ever noticed. Their main victims were Native Americans, whom they deported to reservations, which was the next best thing to concentration camps available at the time.

At the same time, they kept the other groups distracted by playing divide and rule – whites vs. non-whites, Christians vs. Jews, Protestants vs. Catholics, Pepsi vs. Cola. Germans destroyed the Roman Empire, and they’ll do it again. Non-white people are less foreign to the USA than Germans, plus they never ruined empires or started world wars, but yet most Americans would rather drive a German car than ride a public bus.

After repeatedly ransacking Rome, the savage German tribes set up their own “Holy Roman Empire,” renamed to “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation” in 1512, after Franks, Saxons, Suebians, were tired of being considered savage clansmen by their advanced neighbors in France, Poland and Italy. This frontier state was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire, but it was the foremost vehicle for the primitive cultural accumulation of the Germans.

Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation

Germans are the hyenas of civilization. They have no own culture – real German creations, even in Germany itself, do not exist. Their food comes from Turkey and Italy, their music from the USA, their enterprises from the Jews, their labor from Eastern and Southern Europe, their governmental system from Greece, their genes from Scandinavia.

German is not even a real language. The language of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries was Latin. Vernacular German was largely a mix of Latin and French loan words, because the barbaric German language lacked terms for even the simplest concepts, such as “republic,” “library,” “orthography.” All of these words were artificially Germanized and eventually claimed by Germans as their own achievements.

French people define themselves by their culture, Soviets by their Communism, Americans by their money, Iranis by their religion, Chinese by their history, but what defines Germans, who know neither passion nor culture? The answer is simple and sad: DNA. Germans took the existing blood purity prejudice and constructed scientific racism to veil the inadequacy of their claim to existence.

Since no particular achievement or experience defines the “German race,” they developed a stupid answer to a stupid question. The only justification why they should not be wiped off the map: “We are special.”

More of these undeniable truths in my next column on the world domination of the German race.


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