But what about my health insurance?

Autonomy means to live by your own laws. Is an individual autonomous of her collective? Is a collective autonomous of its society? Can gangs of Vorzeigelinke escape the dreadful fate undoubtedly awaiting their meat-eating, sexist, racist, patriarchal, nationalist and Stalinist contemporaries by occupying empty houses in trendy neighborhoods and starting food co-ops?

To even devise plans for autonomy, you must stand on fairly stable ground. Autarkic tribes are not autonomous. Without government backing, environmental conditions, world markets and social war severely limit the choices of urban Western autonomists’ solidarity targets.

The farmers and business owners who fought first for autonomy, then for independence of the United States of America were not interested in autonomy for their women, slaves, natives, laborers. Their struggles for autonomy continue to this day, as does the tax strike by wealthy tea drinkers, whose “revolution” proceeds as the top-down “War on Poverty,” which is just plain old class war against the wretched of the earth.

In good times, elites wanting to achieve independence from the collectives that feed them often demand “autonomy.” Bavarian separatists want autonomy from their obligations to Europe and the Länderfinanzausgleich. Euro-Brahmins want to achieve spiritual autonomy from those who paid their BaFöG. Every member of my WG yearns for autonomy from our chaotic kitchen but nobody wants to clean it.

Especially when you’re eating well, you cannot just start devising utopias like a post official waiting for retirement, you must fight the powers that be. If not, you end either at the my-life-my-style individualism of the Hipster Youth or in a welfare economy where people’s needs exceed their deeds.

As long as people flee from the pastoral South into the post-industrial hells of the North, teenagers’ career prospects end at the JobCenter, “getting a rich man and Botox” becomes a grim duty, ghettoes build temples instead of houses, “alternative lifestyles” are just voluntary internal exile. The Tsar’s enemies at least revolted before being deported to the Tundra.

The Diggers didn’t bury the Queen. The colonies never gained independence, but the “motherlands” escaped the payback. Female emancipation brought us divorce rights under continued male supremacy. Separate but equal? We want turn inequality around. Autonomy is not a threat. We don’t demand more rights for the oppressed, but no rights at all for the oppressors.

We “capitalism critics” will not escape the system that raised us, unless we leave it a smoldering mess. There is no God to nuke this Gomorrah. Autonomy is sovereignity of the expropriated majority – “sovereignity” in the traditional Western sense: The right to riot and loot at will.


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