Veni, Vidi, Servici

Palaces for God, his prophets and mistresses
His children on street without matresses
Madrassa at rear of station
Praying in foreign nation
Cardboard on pavement
Supplication bring patience
But don’t change situation
Paying customers waiting
Get gone by 6 or police get to chasing
Past Indian trading stalls
Attacking your fashion malls
Chinese plastic smashing
European walls
Vandalizing the style capitol
Capitalism style
Barbarians at backdoor of Catholic mission
Standing in line for coffee and biscuits
Sister behind glass screen
Men are so nasty
Send them to the trenches
Pope on throne, dopes don’t have benches
Cleansed from city center
Need space to celebrate diversity
Immigration welcome – to university
Worker bees scuttle away
Church, the eternal partay
Of social decay
Is “suddenly” gay
While every day
Is a struggle for the city’s muscles
Master class chuckle as they pass
Throwing fast cash
Laugh at your haggard ass
Go back to your habitat
Europe gives you the Boot
But only cuz we can’t shoot


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