Who made life, was it God or was it Darwin
Food for your thoughts while your body’s starving
The Lord gives and takes – aiding the state
Know whom to praise for your empty plate
Who builds churches and nuclear rockets
People start war and people can stop it
Whatever creed they preach
They’re practicing Capitalists
Teaching need to the needy
Is their radical racket
Acquiring worldly empires
Telling folks to aspire
For something higher
Nuns and friars, nu’n but liars
Don’t believe your belief
Your priest is a thief
Who brought peace to the majority?
Got rich, declared poverty anomaly?
Christians and Muslims came as a minority
Converted the land, sent the people up to heaven
Every day in the darkness, there’s a Nine Eleven
Or a year zero, but who can arrange it?
First come the missionaries, then come the slaveships
Invisible God guides the hand of the landlord
Smacking your butt like a good whore
Funding her pimp’s shrimp habit, nibbling salad and carrots
Just imagine, while you’re reading canons or feeding cannons
The Pope’s comparing Sub-Saharan carats with Arabs

“Bling (or bling-bling) is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious or elaborate jewelry…” So how’d they call it the previous 1996 years?


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