Join the UP Army



2 responses to “Join the UP Army”

  1. ele says :

    and still i would argue that ‘class’ is not THE MAIN issue – i wonder what it helps to construct hierarchies when class_race_gender (…) are interdependent categories which shape our lives – our disposition to power_knowledge. of course there is rich people of color but let’s look at the issue globally? who is in economical_’cultural_militaric_political power? and guess what: it is not individuals as such i am marking — kt is a structure of supremacy of certain peope over other — and this supremacy will be held up until we don’t fight and erase ALL systems of oppression. no hierarchies.

  2. Emal Ghamsharick says :

    The world is ruled by the participants of WW II. The “losers” are those who did not raise big enough armies in time. I don’t want more rich PoCs – even if they’d dismantle Germany, which they probably won’t. Imagine the Kolats…
    A PoC elite is what kept the USA from losing Texas and the Black Belt. Minoritäten unter den Minoritäten. Kritik der kritischen Kritik.
    And who are those “radical theorists” who apply “Marxist analysis” – whatever that means – to sexism, racism, ableism, and what not?
    Usually American liberal academics who see European Social Democracy as a rainbow utopia. One thing I know – people like me will not bring the revsolution.

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