See you later alligator

Expropriate private property is what we gotta do
Realize you’re a slave, don’t believe in voodoo
Mr. Puppet, we don’t need your magic
If you own it I can’t have it
Drive me from the land, till I become a savage
Stick and carrot don’t incentivize me
Get your junk out of my face
Bleeding every month so my salary gets paid
I cannot contemplate
When there’s contempt on my plate
All I eat is hate, 100% concentrate
Lock me in a camp, clear the conscience of your state
Then awake from the debacle
Regurgitating legends of the nation
Mercedes is equal to integration
So I never see a politician waiting at the bus station
Spitting hate in our faces
Raising race and not our wages
So we fight over prophets
Not divide up the profits
Consumers got the power in their pockets
But when you trade your salary for calories
Glucose and frying oil feed your whole family
Can’t believe it’s not butter
It’s an industrial product
Poor or rich – eat that porridge
Instead of all that garbage
Straight from the factory
Attacks your mental faculties
Shackled by the caste system, can’t shake your pedigree
Our teenagers are dogs, cause that’s what they get bre(a)d for
Excessive metaphors hide a lack of better words
Excessive nations chasing excess races
Unable to escape the one we’re all in
Have you ever seen one rat get fat while another is starving?
Ask Charles Darwin, is it in our nature?
Can’t see past your belly? Evolutionary failure!
See you later alligator, the time is up for reptiles
Maybe in the next life
Survival of the fittest, fire up your sex drive


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