Moldy Lawn

Russian, German or Persian
Fascism feeds off sexual perversion
USA, England, Austria, Greece
Fascists love to fuck the police

If you long for strongmen, you’re probably a coward
Spread your brown star, bend over for the power
Pluck your flower for the leader of the fatherland
He loves you not, sugar, when will you understand
If you want to serve a man, why don’t you marry one
Repressed desires lead to mass hysteria

Defeated by inferiority complex
You seek superiority by conquest
White genetic mercenaries
Everything’s hereditary
Complex thoughts aren’t necessary
When society is headed for the cemetary

Vocabulary purged, good words for evil schemes
Shout at the crowd, oversound weak pleas
Follow the command, put the beasts in a camp
The other ones send to the front like spam

Hollow concepts we swallow – freedom means death
Mocking the colors that we followed, finally flows red


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