Work Sucks II – Collecting Bottles

Bottle deposit logo

Twenty-two fifteen
Leave the camp ride down the street
I have 1 soda can, just found two bottles
41 cents in the bank, so I go full throttle
Every bin I pass is worth a peep
But there’s nothing in there I’d wanna keep
Advertising works – people drink responsibly
They leave the bottles on the street where I can see
I put them all in the trailer on my bike
And promise till it’s full I’ll ride all night
Passing by, kids holler and diss
Thinking they’ll never end up like this
Stooping for 8 cents
Living in a tent
Cause I can’t pay the rent
That’s how they wanna buy social peace
Stealing my time, that’s expropriation
How can they not expect retaliation
Burn the police station
I wanna start a riot
If I die, at least it won’t be quiet
With thoughts like that
I pass a geled brat
Girl on his arm, cause he has a fancy hat
If they’re my future, I’d rather dwell in the past
If this is a career, I’d rather dwell on my ass
After 60 minutes I have 25 bottles
2 honest euros make me a role model
Let me talk to school kids about career choices
Successful businessmen should share their voices
Tell them how to survive the bubble
And stay out of trouble
If I work hard enough, my income will double
I’ll still be a poor fart
But all the exercise will strengthen my heart
With benefits like that, who needs medical coverage
My life’s in God’s hands, and He hates the government
Finally I’ll be a responsible person
Society eliminates another burden


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