It’s not the color of your hair,
It’s the collar that you wear
Black and white unite to be dollar millionaires
Your belly doesn’t care
Where your food is from
Grown by Monsanto or the Viet Cong
As long there is bread there’s no need to believe
But when it runs out, let’s see how fast you’ll be on your knees
Praying to whatever idol they show you
America to China is run by the Moghuls
Like South Asia
Waiting for the British invasion
Cute dudes in suits
Ready to shoot
Got girls going wild and boys acting rude
Makes you question if the root
Of competition has an economic nature
Or is it sexual frustration from fucking too much paper
Realizing that it can’t reproduce
Throw it in the garbage pail what’s the fucking use
Watch the fucking news
All is going to hell except your own environment
Or see beyond the screen, watch the drugs and violence
Girls applying whore paint, ready for the battle
Boys chasing asses, like a herd of cattle
Hear the snake rattle
Tween the trampling hooves
Bite you in the balls, swap that body juice
Poison to your brain through your sexual organs
Makes you think nothing in the world is more important
When the truth is really simple, just like with your mouth
It’s not how much you use it, but what comes out


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