The minimum they claim to give really is a maximum
It’s not called welfare ALLOWance by accident
For your fair share from the Capitol
Donate your genitals for Babylon
Instead of waiting at the temple
The JobCenter drives you mental
Prostituting your labor
Employers are saviors
If you don’t have one, you’re enslaving your neighbors
Your independence swapped for the rent
Statements for every cent spent
Fenced in with no previous offence
In that sense what’s the difference
Between Government
And a husband
Who rents a girl from the gutter
And has her washing dishes
And fulfilling all his wishes
For a little bread and butter
Stingy opportunity
Or minimum security
No matter what Ism
Capital or Commune, get paid in jism
From the money sack
Get taxed for mercenaries in Iraq
Your interest is overseas, never coming back
Better put a knot in your cock
Than wind up in a government block
Live with those you robbed
Produce more government stocks
Formerly known as people
Your ass or assets seized for needless evils
Legal system keeps your status unequal
While they say it’s achievement
What’s the real wealth of a nation?
Tax revenue or collaboration?
Between classes and generations
United by hatred
Creating an organization
With conceited endeavor
No Heavenly Kingdom lasted forever
When academics start typing
There will be another Taiping
Revolutions forgotten
Like corpses downtrodden
Now rotting, clouds dropping
Fertilizer for the economy
Commonly separated from policy
Monopoly or highway robbery
Between gold and guns is there really autonomy?
Property flow up the bloody river
To Pharaoh our bodies deliver
American or Egyptian
Muslim or Christian
Yes we can
Lend a helping hand to Africans and Mexicans
Crossing wet graves and desert sands
Produce mendicants, build detention camps
While thespians play the political stage
And the board of directors remains the same


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