The Ghettö

The ghettö, the slum is full of pretty people
Gyrating lusciously to the rhythms of the negro
Many new customs
Hipsters wear longer beards than any decent Muslim
Suede shoes, not Nike Airs
Art fairs for flashy pairs
Heirs on welfare live without a care
Thinking about money is so utterly pedestrian
Like hair gel and shirts with equestrians
Agreeable young men with violins
Live like gypsies – without the violence
Real gypsies across the street, breasts over the balcony
Place so filthy, their kids never get an allergy
The men are assholes, the women have big asses
No manners, no teeth – no tangible assets
Living lives of no particular interest
Work to make money, then to pay the interest
To ancient aristocracy – fencing and incest
No access for a shopping center princess
Escorted by her infants
Clothed like a virgin
Innocence commodified, sanctified perversion
Buyer lying on the couch, ready for a murder
B(e)aring arms but not in mind that no body is perfect
Bend to the pressure – unequal access to pleasure
Enjoy your enjoyments – why else call them so?
Do you know what you like or just like what you know?
Reap that, you sow!
Don’t buy pork – save your money for the bookie
You can serve two masters – here have a cookie
Lookie lookie – is that a new car?
You’re trapped little monkey, hand in the jar


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